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“Actually, your not buying a pool table… Your buying great moments with friends and family simply priceless.”

King Billiards was founded in 2000 by Louis Villa Fuerte an immigrant with an extreme fondness for billiards. His grandfather owned the only pool hall in the village. Since playing as a child his passion grew until arriving at Houston and he started repairing pool tables. He buys tables in disrepair and rebuilds them completely. His interest was always serving the customer and giving a personal touch. Gradually larger spaces were needed to become one of the largest Warehouses in Houston. Then he decided to start building new tables, high end finished Billiards.

King Billiards sell beautiful handcrafted pool tables and is dedicated to excellence by meeting and exceeding the standards established by the Billiard Congress of America. Our exquisite tables not only make an impressive addition to any home, they are built to last a lifetime.


And we say Warehouse because its founder has always wanted to offer the best services and effective market prices. Large companies charge excessive rates and fees to customers who only buy them once and do not return. This made the clientele quickly grow. Now king Billiards Service provides a number of Pool Halls in Houston and surrounding areas. Thousands of customers have in their home Billiards high quality, decorating their homes and offering their owners family recreational use.


We will continue with the same initial spirit that is providing entertainment for families at reasonable prices… that is our commitment”.

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